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Head and Neck Pain

Head and neck aches are common in the modern stressful life. People have a lot of things to handle in a single day, and the pressure leads to some discomfort in the body. Persons experiencing neck pain may also suffer from headaches. Many people think that it is common to have these symptoms, but that is not the case. They may indicate underlying issues requiring more attention.

The neck and head connection

The neck is connected to the head by the vertebrae. It is the work of the neck to support and control the movements of the head which means it must be well positioned. If the positioning of the neck is poor, then neck muscles will become tense leading to irritation of the nerves connecting it to the head. A person suffering from neck and head pains will notice pain and dullness in the neck. The person may also have problems turning the neck.

Causes of neck and head pain

Pain in the neck does not indicate serious illness although it should be given the right attention. Emotional or mental stress may result in having neck pain. The tension and pain in the neck is usually as a result of a buildup of stress which happens without the patient's awareness.

Physical stress can also cause pain in the neck and head. Poor sleeping and reading postures can add strain to the neck muscles resulting in painful sensations. People who work long hours hunkered over their machines may develop tension in the neck muscles. The neck muscles are attached to the skull's base which spreads the tension in the neck to the head causing the aching.

Treating the pain

When faced with neck and head pain, many patients turn to painkillers which temporarily take away the pain, leaving the underlying causes unaddressed. The real causes of the pain should be investigated with the help of a physician to ensure total alleviation.