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Womens Health

During their lifetimes, women can encounter particular physical problems that are unique to their sex. Luckily, physical therapy programs have been developed that are able to help women with the particular problems that they can face. Whether it is incontinence, general pelvic pain, pregnancy concerns (pre or post), osteoporosis, genital pain or simple back discomfort, our clinic offers treatment plans that can help.

Prior to the first session of physical therapy, a physical therapist who is fully trained in women's health will perform an examination of the patient while noting any symptoms that the patient may suffer from. The physical therapist will also note the patient's health history, evaluate particular muscles, especially the muscles of the pelvic floor, and determine what muscles are causing the patient's symptoms. After a diagnosis is made, the physical therapist will present the patient with a detailed treatment plan that will contain exercises and stretches that can be performed both in the office and at the patient's home, as well as any other specialized treatments that the physical therapist may feel is necessary.

Once both the patient and the physical therapist agree on the treatment plan, she will be on the road to recovery and a more comfortable life. If you suffer from any of the abovementioned women's health symptoms or conditions, our therapists can help! If you would like to make an appoint and begin recovery, please contact our office and make an appointment.