Problems We Treat

Mens Health

Not only does our clinic offer general physical therapy, but we also offer treatment plans that specifically target men's health related issues. These issues range from urinary and fecal incontinence to sexual issues like pain in the genitals, erectile dysfunction, lowered libido and pain in the back and pelvic regions.

Prior to these therapies, our physical therapists will perform examinations of the patient's muscles and joint mobility and take the individual's specific symptoms into consideration. Once the assessment is complete, our therapists will establish a treatment plan that involves in-house and at-home mobility stretches and exercises. If a condition warrants it, our physical therapist may even attempt electrical stimulation therapies in order to help re-educate muscles into performing in more positive ways. If it seems like an issue is stress related, the physical therapist will also work with the patient regarding ways to increase relaxation in order to lower stress.

The goal of our office is to not only work with our patients to help solve their men's health related issues but to also help patients understand what exactly is causing their issues and what our treatments do to help relieve their symptoms. There is no need to continue to leave your men's health issues untreated; if you have any of the aforementioned symptoms, please contact our office and make an appointment in order to begin on the path to recovery.