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Geriatric Rehabilitation

Declining health is common in people as they advance in age. They lose physical and cognitive abilities, but these situations can be controlled or avoided using the right medical interventions and lifestyle choices. Geriatric rehabilitation allows patients to reduce the impact of their health conditions allowing seniors remain active and in control of their lives.

The rehabilitation is ideal for people recovering from injury or illness. The program helps the patient regain physical strength and the confidence to run their lives without depending on other people. Apart from recovering from illness or injury, the rehabilitation also deals with the health challenges brought about by old age.

The rehabilitation program is designed after an evaluation of the challenges faced by the patient. An examination is conducted to determine the areas of vulnerability for the patient. Each patient is different and lives in unique circumstances and therefore requires special attention. The treatment focuses on managing pain associated with the injury or illness, improving balance while walking or sitting and improving sensation in the body of the patient.

Importance of Geriatric Rehabilitation

Old age is associated with other health complications such as arthritis, breathing complications, and loss of balance. Geriatric rehabilitation treats such conditions that may affect the health of the patient. The rehabilitation also involves the family members who provide support for the patient. The family members get advice and education on how to provide support for their patient during and after the rehabilitation.

Geriatric rehabilitation is crucial for seniors and other people recovering from injury or illness. The process helps the patients live independently by boosting their physical strength and confidence.