Problems We Treat

Pediatric Rehabilitation

Pediatric physical therapy treats children from infancy through adolescence. Focusing on early detection of ailments, physical therapy at the pediatric level also works to heal various injuries and diseases. Issues effecting the muscle, joints, and bones are addressed. Improving motor skills, coordination, balance, endurance, and cognition are also offered.

Program Overview

Our team is dedicated to learning, perfecting, and administering the most effective pediatric physical therapy possible. Designed for children and teens, we understand that pediatric physical therapy requires a creative approach. Serving a young age group, fun and effective treatment methods are used to provide engaging treatment programs. Additionally, to serve the over two million high school athletic injuries occurring annually, we train our team extensively in a variety of injury prevention methods.

Benefits of Pediatric Physical Therapy

If your child is injured or in pain, an appropriate physical therapy program is crucial to their wellness. The prevention of sports injuries is important for both active young children and teenage athletes. Our techniques improve coordination and balance, as well as maximize athletic performance and promote a life-long appreciation for sports and physical activity.

Types of Conditions Treated

A vast array of pediatric conditions are treated by our experienced team of physical therapists. Muscles and bones present in a growing body often suffer from pain and various ailments. Appropriate treatment and specific exercise methods mitigate pain and reduce growing-related conditions. Some of the common conditions we treat include:

  • Orthopedic injuries
  • Growth plate injuries
  • Developmental Coordination Disorder
  • Patellofemoral Stress Syndrome
  • Delayed motor skills

Requiring specialized strategies, pediatric physical therapy caters to a diverse clientele. Working closely with physicians and other specialists, we strive to support your child's development and recovery. Providing a positive, compassionate environment, our pediatric physical therapy treatments help and heal from birth through adolescence.