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Hip Pain

Snapping hip syndrome is a harmless condition that arises from certain movements. The syndrome can occur in three different forms which are the internal, external, and intra-articular snapping hip. The condition occurs when muscle tendons are pulled taut over bones and then released. A snapping sensation is experienced when the muscles are released. The intra-articular hip snapping is caused by mechanical problems inside the joint. Below are the three types explained in more details.

Internal snapping hip

Internal snapping is the most common and occurs when a tendon is pulled over protruding bone creating tension which is then released with a snap. The snapping feeling is experienced by a person when running or undertaking other activities. Some sharp pain may be experienced in the area deep within the groin. Increased pain may be experienced with more activity or if ignored for an extended period.

External snapping hip

External snapping hip occurs as a result of muscle or tendon sliding over the knob of the bone at the top of the thigh bone. When the tissue slides over the bone, some tension is created and a snapping sensation experienced on the outer side of the hip when the tension is released. The sensation is experienced when a person is engaged in activities such as lifting heavy items or climbing the stairs. Some pain may be experienced outside the hip and may increase with more activity.

Intra-Articular snapping hip

This problem occurs inside the hip. Its development is sudden and may be as a result of a fall or some traumatic reaction. A person suffering from this problem experiences limited motion in the affected hip. People experiencing painful symptoms should seek medical attention for proper diagnosis and alleviation of the pain.