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Manual Therapy

The definition of manual therapy often differs slightly depending on the scope of practice of the medical profession.

In the field of physical therapy in which we are experts, manual therapy is a clinical approach that involves utilizing particular hands-on-technique to provide diagnosis and treatment to the joint structures and soft tissues. Manual therapy also includes mobilization or manipulation that is mostly used for the diagnostic procedure.

Why Manual Therapy?

The primary aim of manual therapy is to lower or eliminate the inflammation of the soft tissue, increase the range of motion, and to modulate pain.

In addition to those benefits, manual therapy also assists in lowering myofascial restrictions that in turn improves the length of the muscle and facilitate the body movement.

Manual therapy reduces the soft tissue inflammation by improving the contractile as well as the non-contractile repair of the tissue, and also inducing relaxation at the same time.

Manual therapy is carried out by professionals who have expertise in noticing problems by just observing and touching the body of the patient this is one of the areas that we specialize in our clinic.

For a manual therapy to bear quick results and assist the patient within the shortest time possible, it should be carried out alongside other techniques like proprioception training, and other forms of exercises.

At our clinic, we use manual therapy to help the functional problems that a joint or muscle may experience. Manual therapy is done by exerting more pressure on the tissues of the muscles and joints so that the pain can be controlled. This pain is mostly caused by various factors like joint dysfunction, muscle tension, and muscle spasms.

We use manual therapy as a means of identifying the problem that might cause a fault in the normal functioning of a body.

Manual therapy is just a big umbrella that covers various specific hands-on techniques.

Here are some of the manual techniques that we provide at our clinics:

Soft Tissue Mobilization

This mainly involves breaking the fascial restrictions that exist between the muscles and reducing the hypertonus caused by the muscle tightness.

Joint Techniques

The joint techniques include the mobilization or manipulation of the joint, the muscle energy techniques as well as traction.

The altered joint systems' mechanics is corrected by using the hand to assess the area.

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